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West Bengal Dooars


The forested areas of Northern West Bengal present a plethora of Wildlife.
This mixed dry deciduous forest land dotted with grasslands, harbors the largest diversity of mega fauna in West Bengal.
A large range of foothill forest in North Bengal is called Dooars. Once the whole area was under the reign of Koch Raj. A visit to this area may bring visitors to be in touch with the combination of the solidified history and nature. Tea Gardens, alpine landscape, transparent river, National Parks and the Wildlife Sanctuary creates a paradise. Beautiful motorable roads cut through deep forests, rich with wildlife. Mauve hills stand at the end of velvet green plains. The forests echo with the melody of birds. In between, there are fabulous wildlife sanctuaries with picture-postcard, log cabin lodges and valleys carpeted with tea gardens.

Where to visit :-

The ruins of forts at Nalrajar Garh and Buxa Duar, Jalpesh temple and Totopara, the habitat of the rare Toto tribes.
Dooars are the real treasures of Wildlife.   

Travel Information :-

The most convenient entry point to Dooars is through Siliguri by road. Regular bus connections between Siliguri and most important spots in the Dooars. Also broadgauge rail connection between New Jalpaiguri and Mal, Madarihat, Nilpara, Jainti, Mainaguri, Dhupguri and Falakata. Metregauge rail connection between Siliguri and most spots.

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